Saturday, July 23, 2016

Damn Lol is the blogger template for trolling others by creating creative images and facts as well. This Theme is ideal for those who are running a Troll related websites, and their source of Traffic is Facebook. We are sure that this template would double your Google Adsense income because the ad placements are user-friendly.

 Damn-LOL Blogger Template - Templateism


 Hey, If you want to upload and edit your blogger template then you must need to make your blogger template backup before doing any change. It doesn't matter if you are uploading or editing because every time you need to keep yourself site on the safe side so it's mandatory to make blogger template backup while doing any change and uploading. If anything happens while doing any changes on template or uploading you can use a previously downloaded template on your site.

That will definitely gonna help you because that template is already configured for you. Sometimes while editing blogger template there may arise problems with codes, so you need to be careful and you have to keep yourself at safe side. If any problem arises with the new template you can upload backup downloaded template.

 Go to Dashboard Now go for Template. Click on Backup and Restore. Now You will see Download button for Backup and Upload button for installing new Template on your blog.

You have to decide and choose what you are planning? You want to upload or backup your template. Make sure that while editing and changing you need to make a backup of your blogger template.

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