Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's today when I logged on my Facebook account I saw the notification that Facebook can be translated into the Nepali Language. That's just an awesome feature added by Facebook for Nepali users.

Translate Facebook into Nepali Language - Available Now

It means for those Nepali users who don't know English very well they can translate Facebook into Nepali language and that will be very easy to understand each and every meaning on Facebook. 
i.e What's on your mind? will become - तपाइ के साेचिरहनु भएकाे छ ?
So let's get into this completely, 

Step1: You may get this kind of notification on your Facebook screen. You just have to click on Start Now. After hitting on Start Now you will be redirected to another page. 

Translate Facebook into Nepali Language
Step2: Now after that you have to choose the Nepali language from different languages. 

Translate Facebook into Nepali

Step3: After setting the Nepali Language you will see words translated and you can understand each and every word. Even you can modify and write your own meaning for particular words.   

Translated Nepali Words in Facebook

Step4: As you can see on above picture that it shows you can modify meaning with the new translation. Just click on New translation and put new meaning. 

Modify with your meaning on Facebook

That's it for normal use of Nepali translation on Facebook. It's just awesome you will see each and every English word translated.Here are the some examples that you can see words are translated in the Nepali language.  Try Nepali Poem to Translate

Translated Words in Facebook

Translation Percent on Facebook

Main Page Facebook Translation

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