Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Musixmatch - The world's largest lyrics catalog App Review.

Musixmatch is an incredible music and also lyric app ever developed for Android devices.

Musixmatch allows you to extract a huge amount of lyrics as per your choice along with the ability to sync songs with the lyrics. Musixmatch is rated among the best apps for 2014 and 2015.

Some of the prime features of Musixmatch are:

  • Simply allows you to sync lyrics with your best songs while playing Spotify or any other music apps/players.
  • If you just want to search for the lyrics that suddenly hit your mind you can go for it anyway anytime.
  • Almost 100% accurate results.
  • Now if you are little confused with the song like where you heard that song before or unaware of the artists of that particular then you can just simply on touch one tab get magically the lyrics listing out the lyrics, artists, and flow of lyrics with the song.
  • Features like a sleep timer and equalizer is enabled for efficiency.
  • Sharing with this app is far better than others. Customization is great.

Here are the reviews by users:

Following reviews are selected from the Google Play reviews of Musixmatch.
Best Music and lyrics app I have ever used. The interface and accuracy is better than others. Connecting with Spotify helped me a lot. And customized sharing function is one of the best. - Harish Chand (5 stars)
A combination of things I was looking for in Music Player It is hard to combine many feature and maintain simplicity but Musicxmatch just did that. - Rwagasore Eugene (4 stars)
No 'identify music' option With the new update there is no option to identify music and y can't it identify the music in offline...please fix it...other than that it's perfect - Ajen Aier (3 stars)
Great app This is really the best music player I've used so far but it could be better with updating the music info. Some of the names that come up while updating them is a way different song. It's really just the updating music info thing other than that it's great. Oh and if you could add something where you could just press a buttload it would update all the songs by itself than that would be great. Thanks. - Kenti Grijalva (4 stars)

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