Tuesday, May 3, 2016

XTrade trading platform is now adopted as the market standard platform for trading CFDs and is now used by thousands of CFD brokers worldwide. This was not done without any reason and this platform provides a number of advantages to the users which other platforms may fail to provide effectively. XTrade is considered to be the king of CFD trading platforms and this is because it provides advanced technology, amplified security, high stability and many other features. Let us discuss its prominent features one by one.

Is XTrade The Best In CFD Trading Platforms?

User-friendly interface

XTrade provides a very user-friendly interface to work with which empowers the new and experienced traders to trade the volatile markets with much ease and efficiency. The interface is attractive and intuitive and the trader enjoys working in it.

Support for all major languages

The other feature provided by the king of CFD trading platforms is the support of all major languages. Without any additional effort, a user can use XTrade and it's all data in his own language. This is one very special feature of XTrade and makes it one of the topmost CFD trading platforms available in the market.

More advanced features offered

Alongside these delightful features, XTrade also offers more advanced and unique features like revolutionary charting capabilities. This enables the CFD traders to perform trades and simultaneously analyze the technical elements of the different markets at the same time. There is also a great feature called ‘Expert Advisors’ provided by the MetaTrader and this is very popular among the CFD traders.

Communication tools in XTrade

This one of the best CFD trading platforms offers the advanced communication tools for brokers which help them to post messages and keep a good and fast communication with their traders in the real time. The long and complicated threads of emails are thus reduced and the experience of the traders using this platform becomes easier and friendly.

Low resources to run unlike other CFD trading platforms

Unlike other CFD trading platforms, XTrade requires low resources to run and it keeps minimum disruption to your computer. Therefore, the platform acts swifter and it makes easy to accomplish the trades more easily.

Availability of information

All users can view their account information within the trading platform. The details which are available include the trading history, account balance, access details, password information and more.


When you deal with online trading you are always concerned with the security and privacy issues and you always want to ensure that your account and banking information are always protected from potential hacks and attacks. XTrade has the highest security among all the CFD trading platforms available and highest security levels and encryption is offered by this platform for all types of activities in XTrade.


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