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I always care for my Alexa rank because for lots people to determine the popularity and standard of the website and blog Alexa Rank is one of the great sources.

On my previous articles about Alexa ranks, I have explained more and different tricks to make your blog better with Alexa rank. So If you want to learn those tips and tricks and other things about Alexa you can go through below articles those will definitely gonna help you. Lots of Newbie and other people asked me about Alexa rank boosting tips and lots of people also asked about Alexa rank booster script.

Top 10 Quick Tips to Increase Alexa Rank and Blog Traffic

I don't think booster script will work, no that's not because that will be recorded as the spam traffic. So don't even try to generate spam traffic that will just increase your bounce rate and people will just enter on your website and they will leave that will be bad for your website site as well as blog.

Those above mentioned articles with definitely gonna help you  tips will help to know about Alexa rank and increasing if Alexa rank is dropping fast.

You just have to measure your rank and determine if it is decreasing or increasing. If your Alexa rank is decreasing or going down then these below tips will help you to improve your rank.
It depends on your daily work, daily visitors and regularity on that page. Mostly the Alexa changes your website and blog rank according to the organic visits. Organic visits can help you to rank higher on Alexa.
 So always follow these steps to increase your Alexa rank of your blog and website.

#1 Be Active on Social Medias

You have to include this point in your daily schedule because you have daily had to use them for your personal benefit. 

Social medias are one of the most amazing and helpful tools to increase your Alexa rank as well as web traffic. They will also help you to increase your earning. 

So you don't have to automate them, you personally have to use them in a better way to make an effective ranking. 
There are lots of social medias that you can take benefits from them. Let me show you the perfect example of Facebook.


One of the most popular social media where you can share your blog article with your friends and you can generate more traffic. As I have already told you that traffic generation can only help you to increase your blog rank. 

Keep in mind: Do not automate your social medias. It means you have to be active on social medias. Do not work and promote like a robot. See below examples

the result of Automation and I posted like a robot.
Top 10 Quick Tips to Increase Alexa Rank and Blog Traffic
This is an article I shared on my blog as a robot and you can see that is before 3 hours and I shared that without any strategy to get attraction from my visitors. I just shared like a robot so they are not liking my post and they are not interacting with my article too. 
I used some strategy to share my blog with my readers and friend
Top 10 Quick Tips to Increase Alexa Rank and Blog Traffic
Almost I got 44 likes and more than 5 comments. That means some of them are visiting my blog for reading.
That you just need to take care and make the best use of social medias. Without using them you can not increase your rank and traffic. 

#2 Generate Huge Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is the only factor to Increase your Alexa traffic. Without web traffic, you can't increase your blog traffic. One of the most traffic generating factor that I have already told you on the #1 steps. That is just social medias.

There I have written article to increase your traffic by 200% you just check it out and there you will find 3 ways to increase your website traffic.

Driving traffic doesn't mean that it will help you to increase your Alexa rank and other benefits. You need to drive organic traffic to reach the highest peak. You can drive more traffic from social medias.

#3 Install Alexa Toolbar

Alexa Toolbar is one of the most essential because it will help Alexa to track your blog and even you can refer your friends to use it. So that also can help your blog to track better and they will provide a better result.

You just need to interact with the Alexa if you are not using other popular methods for driving traffic like paid promotion or etc.

Mostly those who do paid advertisement of their blog or website they don't even care about the Alexa toolbar and Alexa widget.

#4 Install Alexa Widget

This exactly will help you to display your Alexa statistics. That will better determine your blog or website popularity.

The popularity can also help your readers and visitors to decide if you have any advertisement plans on your websites or blog. 

So it's better to install Alexa widget. and it will also help Alexa to keep track of your blog, they will daily display your new data and information.

#5 Encourage visitors to visit your blog & use Alexa Rank

Visitors has to be motivated to come and visitor blog, again and again, that will definitely going to help you to make your Alexa rank better.

I have already told you that you have to install Alexa widget along with Alexa toolbar so that will help keep track and if you refer your visitors to use that will also going to help. 

#6 Alexa Verification

The Alexa verification is an essential thing for every website. If you are not verified Alexa user then you won't get the perfect and daily result of your rank and data.

It will take lots of time to display your new data and Alexa information so you should verify your website on Alexa. To verify you have to use Alexa meta tag on your website or blog. 

#7 Generate Quality Backlinks

The simple idea here is to increase your quality backlinks, with them you will get better rank on search engine and they will help you to send more traffic to your website or blog. So it's necessary to build quality backlinks.

So start generating quality backlinks by commenting on others blogs and by writing guest posts and etc. Guest post writing is one of the most popular ways to increase backlinks and get ranked on search engines. 

#8 Submit Your Blog to Directories

As the backlinks are important same way submitting a blog to blogger directories is also one of the essential points because this is exactly known as the building backlink to your website or blog.

Submitting your blog to blogger directories can help you to get more exposure to your blog. You blog will get more exposure with the complete new audience. If you don't know, traffic from blog directories is highly targeted.

The best thing about submitting your blog to directories can help you to generate a good number of backlinks to your blog.

#9 SEO Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the essential factors. This should be your first priority that you have to make good plans to optimize your site. Without optimizing you can follow all the above things. Because traffic will be generated through SEO, quality backlink building is known as simple SEO.

There are lots of other ways to increase your SEO engine percentage and rank better on the web. So try below links. These below tips will help you to increase your Alexa rank as well as blog traffic.

#10 Paid Advertisement

Paid Advertisement will help you to boost unlimited traffic to your blog and that depends on the time and duration that you are advertising, how many months you are going to advertise? that depends on you.

You can use social medias for paid advertisement because there are lots of active users. You can drag them to your website and that will help you to increase your Alexa rank.

Now finally it's up to you, If you are willing to increase your blog traffic then just follow above steps. If not then leave it. 

If you find this useful then share with your friends and do comments below if you have any queries. Thanks.... 

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