Monday, April 4, 2016

Windows 10 amazing and best that you all know and Windows 10 has different features like Cortana and there are many more features

There is the feature to Add Own country language on your PC or Laptop. Like I am from #Nepal and I can use my country language if it is available. If not available then you can download and use it. 

There are different language in Windows 10 available it means you will find language pack Windows 10 and you can add language on your Windows 10. Let's talk about our previous articles about Windows they can help you learn more about Windows 10. 

In our last topic on Windows 10 category, we talked about Shutting off features of Windows 10, and Mostly about parental control.  Those articles will help you to know more about Windows 10's features. 

How to Install Languages on Windows 10. 

Now let's discuss how to install and change languages on Windows 10. The changing and installing are very simple you have to follow certain rules and that's it. 

Step1: Go to the start menu and click on Setting and now from there you just need to click on time and language tab. 

Step2: Now from there you have to click on Region & Language. That will show you different options. 

install language windows 10

Step3: Now you can see the above picture there you can choose your default country here I have selected " United States " and below that you can add Languages or Install Languages. You just need to click on Add Language and select your language and add if available if not then you must have to download. 

When you click on your languages it will automatically get added to your Add Languages section. That's it. 

change language windows 10
Step4: After adding languages If you don't want any of them on your computer then you can delete them. By just clicking on language and remove option will get displayed. 

language pack windows 10
Step5: To change the keyboard language format you have to go to options and change the language.

language windows 10  
That's it these are the features of Windows 10 which you are also getting of the previous versions of Windows but they are not that many changes as Windows 10. 

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