Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Running a small business is no way to a walk in the park, there is so much to take care of, so much to keep into consideration and yet you can tumble anywhere anytime.

Of so many things that can set any small business on a downhill slope, two things are worth mentioning especially, i.e. spending too much with very low productivity at the end, or having too little to spend in the first place.

We are here to help you on how to survive as well as prosper when you don't have much in the name of online marketing budget with ‘What to Do When You Don't Have Budget for Online Marketing’.

What to Do When You Don't Have Budget for Online Marketing

Don't underestimate the power of local listing pages

Remember wise people always telling us to think big and start small, just like many of these contemporary business gurus. Well, this might work especially well when you are short on cash and high on your online marketing ambitions. 

So, claim and maintain an existence on your local business listings as offered on Google, Bing and some other local directories, so that you don't end up missing much-needed website visitors, phone calls or even physical visits. 

Free listing opportunities enable you to enjoy online exposure that your blooming business needs the most. Some good ones include:

Email marketing hasn't turned into a relic yet

All that glitters is not gold and all that doesn't is not to be taken for granted either, just like highly targeted email marketing list. 

It should carry the names and contacts of potential as well as current customers, so that you can keep them updated about interesting and beneficial developments pertaining to your business, like sales offers, future promos or even general information on your business. 

The point lies in keeping your brand name being flashed so often in front of your current and potential customers that whenever they are ready to buy something that you sell, it appears before them as the top priority. 

Be social, be visible

In the virtual world, just like in the real one, being social is like being visible. Your social media activities enable you to hook up with the new potential audience, introducing them to your brand, well-presenting what you have to offer. 

And make sure you don't move around with your products or services flashing belligerently. This is what irks customers the most nowadays. Instead, prefer presenting them with information that is useful to them, which shall lure them automatically to your offerings ultimately. 

Resort to Google Analytics Data

This is quite simple, the more you know about the trends and tendencies of your website visitors, the better you will able to cater them. 

That's why you need to resort more to you Google Analytics account data, which has all the information you need about your website visitors. 

When you are aware of what visitors preferably do when they visit your website and where they come from, your chances of converting visitors into customers are soared significantly. So, you better be ready to explore your Google Analytics account every single day. 

On-Page SEO Audit is a good way to go

By now, you should know one thing for sure; your website needs to be search engine friendly in order to get a better visitor inflow. 

This is something where On-Page SEO Audit will help you more than anything else. Your website pages with optimized keywords will help it rank high for your target keywords and people will be conveniently directed to your business on those keywords.

Build brand awareness and authority with your blog

Regular blogging will not only help your brand build authority in the industry, but will also help you improve your organic search results. Your visitors get so much more to engage when they visit your website, which also contributes in converting visitors to customers. 


No doubt, money can help you in so many ways to move around triumphantly, but what's important to realize is the fact that money is not everything if you have a real conviction and willingness to put in your efforts with full dedication. If you are not in a position to invest much on marketing your business, these tips shall help you move forward till you are established and resourceful enough to invest heavily in it as well. 

With over a decade around startups and entrepreneurs, Khawar Zaman is the director of a progressing startup named Technorian. Blogging is his preferred way of sharing his knowledge and experience with others. 

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