Saturday, March 19, 2016

Google Domains help you to manage your all domains over the Globe. This is the amazing product of Google it is still in the beta phase I hope they will soon make it available whole over the world. This creates an amazing revolution in the the the tech industry. Mostly for online business holders and bloggers and website holders. 

This will be beneficial for everybody. Because they are trying with low cost and cost effective product for everybody. Cost effective means anyone can use with lower cost. 

I hope Google domain will soon available all over the globe. They are letting you create an email for your business. You can search new domain and register website. Google  will also help you for domain management and buy a an domain with Google. 

find domain and create site and get custom email
Welcome to Google Domains (Beta) Google Domains is designed and built to make getting online easy and managing your domains simple. We allow you to find, buy, transfer and manage your domains and directly connect you to website builders such as Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix.

How to Navigate Google Domains?

You can directly go to a search engine or by typing They will let you access the main page of the Where you can learn more about Google Domains. 

If you are a blogger then you can directly navigate your Google Domains through webmaster tools. 

What are the Features of Google Domains?

There are lots of features that Google domains is providing, this will complete solution for managing your domains. I hope this will create revolution the hosting and domain registration industry.

The features of Google Domains are listed below. 
  • You can pick name and register at low cost. 
  • You can transfer your domain. 
  • You can build a site like Shopify, Squarespace or Wix. 
  • You will get a custom email which means you can create an official email for your office or business like @yourcompay name or @yourwebsite name. 
  • Private and easy integration not a huge cost. 
  • The amazing feature that you will get is a customizable subdomain i.e like that. 
  • You will get simple domain management support like CPanel they will let you customize your DNS settings. 
If you want to learn more about Google Domains features then you can just go through below official article.
Features of Google Domains - Official
Now let me show you the example to search domain on Googles Domain. How is it better and amazing?

I tried to search without putting an extension on the the search field and they navigated each and every possible result for my domain along with the the price. Just take a look below and you are getting related possible results for your domain. That's an really amazing feature of Google domains.

What is Google Domains? How to Register Website with Google?  

What to do If not available in your country?  

It is still in the beta phase and they are still trying to make it a better place for buying and managing website and domains. 

If it is not available in your country then you will get a message like below and you have to Go to get notified link and fill the form. They will ask you for your email address so they can help you to pass information. 

Google Domains? How to Register Website with Google?

Google Domains? How to Register Website with Google?
After filling the form you just have to submit and they will let you know it is available in your country. 

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