Sunday, March 6, 2016

We are publishing a post on our blog, each and every time we publish the latest post on our blog we only seek for views and huge views.

Along with lots of views, we also seek for share and comments from readers. To do that you need to increase more activity on your blog.

Let me tell you, we have posted our latest post and while reading this assume that you have posted latest post on your blog and your goal is to get lots of organic visitors. Instead of getting lots of visitors we are getting lower and fewer.

Increase Website Traffic Effectively

In this article, I will help you to get huge traffic to your blog and generate popularity along with huge money and ranking and visitors.

I would like to say that there are a lot of ways to generate more traffic to your blog and website. This article will help you to generate views freely. It means we will not talk about paid traffic generation.

So, let's get into the ways to generate traffic effectively. As you can see the title of the post is named as increase website traffic effectively. Here I will share free and simple 3 tips that you can use every time to generate more traffic to your blog or website.

1. Share More than Once

Share More than Once

If you are thinking this is a very simple tip that I have shared and You have already known, now question is that why you are not able to generate more traffic. 

It is because you are not giving much priority to sharing. You have to make your old content re-live, you have to trigger your visitors and readers. There is slogan for other visitors
Sharing is caring... :) - It is the only way to make your content re-live. 
Same way sharing is caring for you and your blog too. First of all, you have to share your content and then other will get to know about your article that has been published on your website or blog.

Through sharing, you have to trigger your readers and visitors that you have shared such an amazing content for them.

So sharing more than once will help you to generate more traffic to your website and blog.
This is the's Social sharing timeline schedule. They trigger their visitors and reader through task or post scheduling. This is one of the best and effective ways to generate and gather huge traffic to anyone's website.

There are lots of social networking sites where you can create a profile and share your content. Each and every social network site get's huge daily visitors every day.

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Reddit 
  • Hackers News
  • Linkedin
  • Stumbleupon
Making your post re-live on above social networking sites and micro-blogging sites can help you to drive huge web traffic. 

2. Influence Your Visitors Through Writing (Content)

Influence Your Visitors Through Writing (Content)

There is saying in the blogging world, 
Content is King... 
And Yes, Content is King of Websites and Blogs. Without content, no one will visit your website or blog. So it's better to feed great and interesting content to your readers.

You can use different ideas to write content for your blog, you can think creatively and generate new ideas to share greatest and interesting content.

Mostly share that you know very deeply. It will help you to write more and go deeply with the title and post. In the article, you have to mention each and every aspect of the content or title. You have to satisfy your readers and visitors. So that they can visit again your blog.

Things that you need to remember while writing content,

  • Alway do keyword research and maintain keyword ratio. 
  • Write Search engine friendly content. 
  • Add captions to images and add alt tags. 
  • Use meta description on each and every content or post that you share. 
  • Always write 1500+ words article.
These above-mentioned points are basic things that you always have to maintain while writing content. 

3. Guest Posting and Link Building

Guest Posting and Link Building

Guest Posting and Link Building these both are an essential thing for generating page rank and drive huge traffic to website or blog. 

These two things are not dead yet. I am saying not dead yet because previously "Mat Cutts" announced that Guest Posting should be eliminated. Because it is causing huge spam and other troubles. 

No, not at all, You should do guest posting and blog to become more popular in the blogging world. Guest Posting will not only help you to drive traffic. It will also help you to make good relationship with other writers and bloggers. 
  • Also, help you to promote your blog and website. 
  • Also, help you to get backlinks. 
  • Also, help  you to rank well in Google. 
  • Also, help you to increase your writing skills. 
  • Also, help others to trust you more. 
  • Also, help you to increase Alexa and page rank.
And these all above mentioned things can be achieved through Link Building tactics. Link Building is also one of the essential tasks in blogging. This will help you to increase your Google page rank. 

Page rank is one of the best things to determine the value of your blog. So you should focus on link building. 

And let me tell you Guest Posting will also help you to generate links. For link building, you have to do following things, 
  • Always use popular communities like quora, StackOverflow. 
  • Submit your blog and website to blogger directories. 
  • Do guest posting. 
  • Leave comments on others blog. It will be beneficial to comment on comment Luv enabled blogs. They will give you the pure backlink. 
These are basic tactics that you can use to drive more traffic to your blog. Each and every blogger should have to follow these. That doesn't matter if you are newbie or pro blogger. These things to be considered. Without these, you can not survive in the blogging world. 

Now It's Your Turn to Take Actions,

Without taking action no one can achieve their goals. Goals can only be achieved by taking certain action. 

In this article, there are 3 actions that you have to take to increase website traffic effectively. These all are free as well as very simple to use.

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