Monday, March 28, 2016

The common question these days each and everybody asking,
  • How can I create a blog?
  • Where to create a blog?
This question asked on Quora and today I wanted to explain here because there are lots of visitors previously asked me these two questions and there are lots of peoples still coming and they are getting confused. 

So my simple answer doesn't get confused while starting and creating blog. Just make checklists and follow them and implement them. 

How Can I Start Blog for Blogging - Question Asked on Quora.Com

Your first task is to find the set of points means (checklists) related to your blogging. There you need to have a focus on these below points. 
  • The goal of Blog - What you will serve best? 
  • Platform -  Where to create? (WordPress, Blogger or other).
  • Category - Which category to choose for blogging? (i.e Tech, Media, News, Your own etc...).
  • Hosted, Non-hosted - Which to choose? 
These are the some basic things that you have to consider before starting of the blog. Without consideration of those above things, you can not start the professional career of blogging from the start. 

After considering all the above things then you have to prioritize them. You need to make a well-formalized checklist of each and every work and implement them one by one. It means you have to go sequentially. 
  • You have chosen your goal and topic. 
  • It's time to choose the category for blogging. 
  • Now the platform is the most important because this is the base of the blog. It is the backbone without having backbone you can't even stand properly.
  • After choosing the platform you have to decide with which plan you wanted to go hosted or non-hosted. 
That's it, it's simple you have to create your blog now. If you are newbie search for the tutorials that can help you and guide you. On this article, it's just a guide and direction for you. Now it's your turn to choose and make it happen. 

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There are lots of platforms to create a blog here is the one of the most amazing and emerging platform that is known as the medium blogging platform. Medium is another platform but it is not that much good as Blogger and WordPress. 

I have already told you that there are lots of ways to create a blog but Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are most popular these days.   

To create a blog on Blogger platform I have already written article and tutorials you can check those articles below.  
After creating the blog you need to survive in space. There are lots of bloggers out there and you have to compete them so for that you need to drive more traffic. Without traffic you can't survive so it's one of the essential steps. 

Note: On our site we have blogger platform tutorial to create a blog and to add different features we have category blogger guide for everybody.  

I would like to recommend you some really helpful article for blogging. These articles can help you to learn more about blogging. 
These above articles are some of the important articles for every blogger. These will help you to guide to gain new knowledge. 

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