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Are you confused from where to buy best, new, fresh grocery items in Nepal? Now you don't have to be because we have online space to sell and buy Grocery items. That's
Isn't it awesome way to get fresh items fast?
Yes, it is they are reliable, efficient, they will provide you best thing available in the market.  It doesn't matter what you are searching for leafy vegetable, fresh vegetable, organic vegetable etc...

They will provide you everything that comes into the grocery category. Here you can find fruits, vegetables, bakery, meat, groceries and households items and many more.

Nepal's First And Trusted Online Grocer -


Busy routine, rush-hours and hectic markets are unsettling people from trouble free reach to hygienic and fresh foods. provides a highly managed hassle-free online market where you can get fresh items be it vegetables, fruits, meat products, dairy products, sprouts or any other food you name within your clicks.

We are one stop place to your need of fresh foods delivered to you with proper quality in desired time frame adding value to your foodstuff, supplying the best out of fresh items and mouth-watering organic products. Get into an amazing deal with farm fresh products at your doorstep delivered free of cost. Yes, you are right; we deliver at your doorstep without delivery cost. is an enterprise of Metro-Vibes as an endeavor to combine city lifestyle with information technology.[1].

Delivery Information of

If you are really interested and If you are planning to buy items from then you should know the delivery information. 

They provide free delivery service inside Ring Road of Kathmandu. 
  • Bhaisepati
  • Nakku
  • Talchikhel
  • Satodobato
  • Hatiiban
Outside of Ring Road. 
  • Bauddha
  • Chabhil
  • Mandikatar
  • Sitapaila 
  • Kalanki
Now you can determine your place and do buy from metrotarkari.

What peoples are saying about metrotarkari.? - Testimonials

How to shop with metrotarkari?

You have to register yourself on metrotarkari and then only you can buy the product. There you have to put your information and details. 

There are various ways to do payments on metrotarkari Paypal, Cash on Deliver, ESewa, and etc... 

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