Sunday, February 28, 2016

Extensions are most essential part of every browser. The extensions are designed or developed for performing some specific task on the browser.

The modern browser supports extensions, the old browsers can't support many extensions. We can say the example Internet Explorer 7th version. Don't support browser extensions. That's why Internet Explorer is decreasing day by day.

Now we are talking about Google Chrome worlds one of the most popular Web Browser. Where you can browse your data and information dynamically. It is far better than Mozilla Firefox. By The Way, Mozilla also has such a great features but it is faster then Mozilla nd simpler than Mozilla.

Extensions on Google Chrome

Steps to Uninstall Google Chrome Extensions. 

  • First of all, you need to open Google Chrome browser. 
  • Now you can the stack of active Extensions on the Web browser at right side next to address bar. 
  • Right click on Extension and Click on Remove extension. 
Uninstall Extensions on Google Chrome

Another way to Uninstall
  • Just go to the Google Chromes setting button and you will see different menus and buttons. 
  • Now just point on more tools or Click on Settings. After pointing on more tools you can click on Extensions. After clicking on the Setting button you will get extension tab on left side. 
  • Now search the extension and you will see delete button or remove button to remove an extension from Chrome. 
Uninstall Extensions on Google Chrome

Why to Remove Extensions? 

The best thing is that don't put unnecessary extensions on a web browser. It will cause your browser to perform slowly. The browser will load slow and take the time to perform other tasks. 

So to make your web browser faster you have to uninstall your extensions that you have enabled on your Chrome. 

After removing those extensions, you just have to restart your computer and try to open your browser and it will load faster than the previous time. 

That's it
Happy computing... 

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