Thursday, February 4, 2016

Let's start from the introduction of Feedburner.

It is web feed management system which was launched in 2004. This service provided to publishers included traffic analysis and an optional advertising system.

Through is an initial process, they have provided well-suited  RSS format for blogger and web users. Users can find out how many people have subscribed to their feeds and with what service program.

This is most important for the web users like news providers, daily writers and bloggers. Inside Feedburner you will get different methods and system to control your users and manage them.

How to Transfer Your Feedburner Feeds

You will get different ways to letting your user to subscribe for your website for long terms use.

Today in this article, I am going to talk about Transfering of Feedburner feeds from one Gmail account to another.

It's just important when you are holding two or more accounts.

Step1: Sign in your Gmail account and go to

Step2: Now choose your Feed management service that you have created for your users and which you are planning to transfer to another account.

How to Transfer Your Feedburner Feeds from One account to Another
Step3: After choosing your feed management system or Feed title. You just have to click on Transfer feed button and you have to enter your email address where you want to transfer.

How to Transfer Your Feedburner Feeds from One account to Another

 Step4: After entering an email address you have to click on Send Transfer Acceptance Request. You will get an email shortly and they will send you the key on your email and link. Just hit on that link and copy the key and paste that on newly messaged link. Your feed will get transferred.

That's it. 


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