Saturday, February 20, 2016

This is the era of social medias, I hope everybody out there feeling that. These two social medias are giants.

I don't think I have to talk more about these social sites. Facebook and Twitter have millions and millions of users and followers.

Here this tip will help you to gather more visitors from your giant social medias profile. I am talking about linking Facebook with Twitter and Twitter with Facebook. Facebook has an amazing feature that you can connect your Facebook account with Twitter. 

Previously Twitter also has got the feature to connect with Facebook but recently they discarded that feature from Twitter. 

Why use this feature?

This feature is very awesome and amazing for bloggers. They can share their blog post directly in Two social medias sites at a time. There you don't have to share one post two times when you are sharing your post on Facebook or Twitter. It will automatically get posted in Twitter of Facebook. 

This will definitely help you to generate more views to your websites. Yes definitely drive more readers and visitors. Most of the bloggers don't spend more time in sharing but you have to spend more time on sharing. This this has great advantage those who don't have much time to share on multiple platforms.

How to use this feature? 

There you don't have to do very hard work to enable this feature. You just have to go to your follower section in Facebook

There you will find Twitter linking section you just have to click on that linked and link your Twitter account with your Facebook account.
link facebook to twitter

You will find Two methods, that you can connect with your Facebook Profile and your Facebook Page. Click whatever you want to link Profile or Page. 

authorize your twitter

After clicking on that, it will ask yours for authorization. You have to give the authorization to use that feature. Don't worry it will not harm you anymore by posting unnecessary things on your profile. This method is very secure. 

Connect your page

Here I have linked my profile with my Twitter account, whenever I post anything on my Facebook profile it will directly share on my Twitter account too. 

Now after that, you will get options to connect Twitter account with Facebook Pages. If you want that connect otherwise leave them as same. 

That's it, 
Happy Traffic Generation... 

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