Sunday, February 28, 2016

I hope most of you guys are the Google Chrome lover and me too. This browser is very simple and amazing with User Interface.

You know the thing that attracts user is it's User Interface. I am not saying that another browser's user interface is not good but Google Chrome has neat and clean browser look and that is just awesome.

Along with all other Web Browsers, Google Chrome also support to Install Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store.

Google has Chrome Web Store for the Gmail users and others. Those are using Google Chrome they can take lots of benefits from Chrome Web Store and They can install chrome extensions.

These Extensions are simply known as plugins which mean they are developed to help you fast or ASAP (as soon as possible).

Extensions on Google Chrome

Let's take an example and importance of Installing Google Chrome Extension from Web Store. 
If you are blogger and you wanted to see your blog rank every day. You want to keep all the ranking information of blog then that is possible through installing Chrome Extension through Web Store. There is plugin avaliable to keep track of blog or website rank you just have to search and install.
Learn How to Uninstall Chrome Extensions.  

How to Install?

To install you just have to go to Chrome Web Store and search for the extension that you want to install and add it to your browser. 
  • Just type chrome://extensions/ and you will get extension page on your web browser. 
  • Now finally you can scroll down and you will get Get More Extensions. 
Install Chrome Extensions from Chrome Web Store

Install Chrome Extensions from Chrome Web Store
  • It will help you to appear Google Web Store search app that you want to install on your browser and download it. After downloading it will automatically integrate with your browser. 
Install Chrome Extensions from Chrome Web Store

Install Chrome Extensions from Chrome Web Store

Install Chrome Extensions from Chrome Web Store
  • After completion, you may have to restart your browser to make it work. That's it. 

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