Monday, February 22, 2016

In our previous article, we have deeply discussed about Medium Blogging Platform. In that article, you will find the answers of following questions.

  • What is Medium? 
  • Why had Use Medium? 
  • How Medium is better than Other Blogging Platforms? etc... 
There is such a simple way to write an article, has simple and amazing clean CMS to write your post and publish. There are lots of other features and easy to use them. It is not complex like Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr and another blogging platform. 

In Medium the best method to share your article is by importing your previous article that are originally published in some other places. 

Like that may be your personal blog, website, that may be your guest post and other online journal article. Medium will help you to keep track of your article and it will also provide the reference to your article. 

The method is simply named as Import Story, that you have already published. Here you simply have to insert your valid story link and save it and publish the story. 

Import Existing Story from Your Website to Medium Blog

There is limitaton, you can only insert your Own content not others content. That is the privacy and policy of the medium. That are the terms and condition. If you insert others content than that may violate the rule. 

Import Existing Story from Your Website to Medium Blog
Now after pasting the link you have to click on Import button and help you to import your content on Medium. It will show you the previous of your content and there you will find publish button and categorization option. Categorize the content and publish.

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