Saturday, February 13, 2016

This tip can help you to add your business locations on your blog or websites. This will help your visitors to give correct and best route for business deals and projects.

Let's take an example of Computer Repairing Shop. 
They have got a blog about computer repairing shop and they want to gain more customer through their online blog. Mapping can help them to give exact path or route for physical business deals. 
Embedding map can help to give the exact location of your shop or your office.  So that those who have go problems and projects they can directly visit your office for further discussion.

Steps to Follow,

  • First of all, you have to go for Google Maps. 
  • On Google Maps screen you will see your currently active location. Now here you have to search the location that you want to embed on your blog and website. 
How to Embed Google Maps in Blogs and Websites
  • That's I am not adding my business location here, it's just a random location. I am placing on my website for the demo. 
  • After entering the location on the map, you will get your location promoted on your screen. At the left side of your map screen you will the see setting button or that is simply called menu. Click on menu button and you will see some options there. 
How to Embed Google Maps in Blogs and Websites
  • After that just scroll down and you will find share or embed map option. 
How to Embed Google Maps in Blogs and Websites

  • After hitting on share or embed map option, your will get share link tab and embed map tab. Choose what you want to do with your map. 
Share link: Can help you to share the link of that currently active location on the map. That will directly locate required location. That you can share with your friends and social networking sites.

Embed map: Can help you to embed your map location on your blog and websites. 
for that you just have to copy the iframe code given on your screen and paste that code on your website or blog.
How to Embed Google Maps in Blogs and Websites

Here the demo of embed map location: That's New Baneshwor, Kathmandu Nepal. You can see the red highlighted area.  

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