Friday, February 12, 2016

This tip is similar to adding favorite icons on the taskbar. This will help you access your favorite websites faster.

As you, all know about Google Chrome web browser. Which is amazing and good looking web browser which has an amazing feature to add web pages on taskbars for easy or fast navigation.

Those who don't always want to enter their favorite website, again and again, they can make web site pin on their taskbar and access by clicking on the Icon.

How to Add Webpages on Taskbar using Google Chrome

This helped me allot for easy accessing my favorite website. When I just click on taskbar icon it brings me the website on my screen.
Isn't it an awesome feature of Google Chrome? 
I feel this is an amazing feature for Google Chrome users. They can easily bookmark their favorite websites on the taskbar and they can go through that every time. Being a blogger, Every time I used to visit Blogger that's why it helped me allot while using blogger.

Steps to Follow... 

  • Open your favorite page that you want to add on your taskbar. 
Note: Add to taskbar feature is active when you are using any webpage on Google Chrome.

  • Now go for the setting of Google Chrome and point on More Tools. After pointing, you will find Add  to Taskbar option is activated. 
How to Add Webpages on Taskbar using Google Chrome
  • Just hit on that Add to taskbar button and it will take few seconds to add the web page to the  taskbar.
After adding clicking on Add to taskbar, just check your taskbar you will see new Icon added on your taskbar. 

That's it... 
Happy pinning...

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