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Parental Control Can Help You Keep Your Kids SafeI hope you must have heard about parental control system that is available on your computer. These days your are using different types of gadgets on those gadgets also the parental control system is available. 
Exactly parental control will help you to give limited access to other users. 
You can use Parental Controls to help manage how your children use the computer. For example, you can set limits on the hours that your children can use the computer, the types of games they can play, and the programs they can run. I hope you guys know that Enabling Guest user can also help the user to give limited access.

According to Webopedia, 
In Windows Vista, Parental Controls is a new feature designed to let parents setcontrols for their children's computer use. Parental Controls are located in the Control Panel in Vista. To use Parental Controls, you first need to set up a new user account. 
There are different kinds of parental control system available in Windows. If you are using Windows parental control then it will help you to keep your kids safe using from Unnecessary things.

  • Windows Parental Control 
  • Antivirus Parental Control 
And there are lots of other third-party parental control software that are available to help you out there for your safety and kids as well. 

There are different kinds of Risks that your kids of the child will face when whey use the web and internet. 
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Content that is unsuitable for children
  • Online bullying and unauthorized access. 
  • Unsavory characters may try to befriend your child in chat rooms
  • Your child may download viruses or spyware when using peer to peer file sharing networks.
  • They may download pirated material.
  • There are lots of people online they can track your children's to take out your personal and your confidential information 
When Parental Controls blocks access to a game or program, a notification is displayed that the program has been blocked. Your child can click a link in the notification to request permission for access to that game or program. You can allow access by entering your account information.

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To set up Parental Controls for your child, you'll need your own administrator user account. Before you get started, make sure each child that you want to set up Parental Controls for has a standard user account. Parental Controls can be applied only to standard user accounts.

How to Use Parental Control in Windows

You just have to Go to control panel and search for Parental Control or Even you can search directly from your start menu it will show you the parental control option. 

How Parental Control Can Help You Keep Your Kids Safe

Now after clicking on that option, you will get Parental Control Window on your screen, and control your computer hardware and software system. For controlling you have to access standard user or sometimes you may have to log on your computer by using Safe mode. 

How Parental Control Can Help You Keep Your Kids Safe

To control you can add passwords to your user accounts, you can enable guest user accounts for limited access because that is limited account. It will help you to take control over your children's activities. 

By giving access to Guest user your friends or kids can't install unnecessary software or games, they can't even delete your important file for that they will have to access standard account. 

Furthermore, you can check our reference sites, these may help you more about parental control and their uses.

Video Tutorial for Using Parental Control 



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