Monday, February 29, 2016

Best Place to Find Nepali Latest Tech News : LivingWithICTLiving with ICT is a No.1 IT Magazine of Nepal where you can find the news about latest technology that is introduced in Nepal, Security, Development, and All the Information Technology news. This Magazine is really great for ICT (Information Communication Technology) followers.

Those who wanna get stick with ICT and those who want to get updated with Information Technology they can subscribe this Magazine.
Nepali IT Magazine and Online Portal that provides in-depth coverage of Information, Communication & Technology updates
Words from Living with ICT, 
Living with ICT is an IT magazine which caters information related to Information and Technology with the recent developments in its field. It has three forms as on print, on line and on air; Living with ICT (Monthly Magazine), Living with ICT (Weekly FM Program) and Living with ICT (e-paper) respectively.
Living with ICT come in different forms,

  1. In the form of Magazine (Hard Copy)
  2. Living with ICT (Weekly FM Program) Weekly episodic program to help newbies and other geeks. 
  3. Online medium in the form of a website. You can read their valuable article for your help. 
Here you can find more about Living with ICT. The Magazine is quite amazing that covers all the news about technology and Nepali Tech Geeks share own experiences with the people about Technology. All the Good aspects and bad aspects.  

Why Living with ICT? 

Living with ICT helped me allot to learn new things about technology. New product inventions, their price and specifications in Nepal. The most important thing is that they talk the emerging thing that is currently most popular in World and Nepal. 

You should visit its online website for more information and tech news. They share information about latest Gadgets, latest product information and world wide tips and tricks, tech reviews and interviews. 

This is the only place where you can find more about Nepali tech society. How it is doing or growing? 

I always visit Living With ICT for my better improvement about Tech World. Technology is the most amazing thing that it is changing day by day. 

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