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At one point or another, as an eCommerce business owner you may have thought to yourself "what makes a great ecommerce website?"

While the case is not that you do not have any idea on how websites work, it is mostly because creating your brand’s site is an overwhelming undertaking. In fact, you may have a mental list of your inspirations & which components of these sites you will implement.

Still, there is a nagging voice in your head that says “it will still not work out”. The cure? Start with the basics.

Why Quality Content Is Essential For Your Ecommerce Website

Your Brand Elements

Humans, by nature, are visual creatures. We recognize & remember identities by what we see. For this, be sure that you have a working logo & tagline for use in your site.

Your logo is the symbol that represents your brand as a whole. Your tagline, is an encapsulation of your brand’s promise & offers. When visitors come to your site, you have that one shot to introduce what you are about. So do not miss out on these two.

Safety shopping guarantee

At the end of the day money is money. No matter how good your products and pages are if your payment gateway is a wack no one will attempt to do business with you.

Employ major payment modes such as Paypal, credit & debit cards, gift vouchers & cash on delivery arrangements. Being widely used for eCommerce transactions these payment modes come with the assurance of secured & safety shopping.


It is easy to do business with brand that are easy to get in touch with.

Make sure your contact details especially your phone number & email address are highly visible throughout your website. Indicating your stores contact number is important not just technically but for legal matters as well.

Provide your customers as many routes as you can to get in touch with you. At a certain point, a 1-800 will be a good investment. However, if you are not on that level yet, a live chat support form can be your best bet.

Keeping your lines open will not only help you deal apeace “mad” customers in real time. Being readily available will also keep the doors of opportunity open for you. You just can’t tell where you next bulk orders will come through.

Social Media Links

20% of successful purchases online are from surfing through social media sites. This is because people seek public approval and confirmation.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr are the best platforms to use if you want public exposure and market. As simple clicks can showcase our products online, people who are please can share, like and refer you.

Social media is the great equalizer among brands in the internet. It enables you to study your market & how you can best reach out to them. It also allows you to study your competitors so you can show them up.

Deals, offers & promos

Most of the time people can decide whether they like a website or not with just a snap of a hand. That is why it is crucial to get their attention and interest just few seconds after they entered your site.

Get your latest deals, offers & promos on strategic places all over your site.

For example, you can have a panel for your “free shipping announcement” on your front page. You may also have an invitation to your newsletter above the fold.

Alluring promises and unique prices stimulate visitors to spend, spend and spend. In general, designs also makes a big contribution to this strategy's success. Positioning eye catching banner designs with jaw-dropping discounts makes sense all the time. NO FAIL.

And that's it! I hope the tips above will help you make your ecommerce website develop and improve with great potential.

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She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing.

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