Friday, January 15, 2016

There are lots of ways to get disk clean up function or utility application in Windows. You can use by searching on your start menu.


Even you can directly right click on your drive to get disk clean up and you can use it. There are various other methods also to get disk clean up on Windows. 

Today I am going to share new unknown method to get disk clean up in Windows versions. That is pretty simple. I think most of the geek Windows users may know this tips. 

Before going through this article you need to know more about disk clean up, visit below links

Step1: First of all you need to go for control panel of Windows. 
Step2: Now search for Action center. 

 View Your PC Performance Information

Step3: Here click on View performance information. 

 View Your PC Performance Information

Step4: At the left side of screen you can see open disk clean up. Just hit it on that's it. 

New way to get Disk clean up in Windows - Windows Quick Tips

Now select your drive which you want to clean and clean all the files those which are un-necessary. 

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