Saturday, January 9, 2016

Do you want to know what is the performance of your PC? In this article i will help you to show your PC information. How your is performing and what is the rating of your hardware and software for your PC.

This will help you to find-out the answer of is that hardware is sufficient or not?

Through this method you can calculate your processor performance along with all other hardware like memory or RAM, graphics, gaming graphics and primary hard disk.

Through this also you can improve your rating performance of your computer.

Steps to view the performance information of your PC.  

Step1: Go to control panel of your computer.
Step2: Now search for action center. 

 View Your PC Performance Information

Step3: Now here you can click on view performance information. This will show you all the information related to your performance of your PC with rating points.

 View Your PC Performance Information

Step4: On your window screen you can see your PC performance with hardware details and their performance and rating points.
Step5: If you want to refresh all the information than click on refresh.
Step6: If you want to re-run the assessment than click on    re-run the assessment. 

 View Your PC Performance Information

After doing the re-run the assessment, you will get new rating points of your all the PC hardware and you will get performance detailed information. 

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