Friday, January 8, 2016

In this article i will be sharing with you guys about windows updates. If we consider more about windows updates than updates are most essential part of every software or operating system. So you need to update your windows or software.

But if you are feeling annoyed by windows 7 updates or etc... Than there is the option to turn off them for forever. You will not get notification on your taskbar tray.

If we talk about more about updates than update can help your PC to perform well and better. Updating can help you to get newly added packages and softwares latest version.

If you are still interested about updating and it's benefits than you can do research on it for your own benefits.

To turn of Windows updates follow some simple steps for windows 7.

Step1: Go for Windows 7 start menu and search for control, or even you can press Windows + R = Type control panel.

Step2: After searching control panel, just hit enter on that control panel icon. Immediately you will see control panel window on your screen.

Step3: Now finally search for Windows Update, icon from the control panel list.

Step4: After that you will get Windows update window on your screen, now take a look at the left side of menus and click on Change Setting. 

Step5: Click on important updates section, where you can find drop down options, there you have to select never check for updates.

Step6: Go for Ok button that's it.

Second shortcut method 

Take a look at the taskbar hidden tray icon you will find action center. You just have to right click on action center and click on open windows update. 

Now after that, it's same as step4:

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