Friday, January 15, 2016

Windows versions are really amazing. Windows is drastically changed from 98 to Windows 10. When you start your windows there you can see some sound comes while logging on. That is the default sound which is provided by Windows to notify you that your windows is logged in, that is good idea to know we are logged in or not. 

But if you want to stop that sound than that is possible, you can do it easily, You can turn off your startup sound and save your battery.

Step1: First of all you need to start your PC and then search for control panel.

Step2: Now on control panel you have to search for Sound setting icon.

How to stop Windows startup sound - Windows Quick Tips

Step3: You can see lots of tabs on your active window and now click on sound, there you will find check box which is already checked "Play Windows Startup Sound" uncheck that.

How to stop Windows startup sound - Windows Quick Tips

Step4: Apply and Ok, That's it.

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