Friday, December 4, 2015

 Image Drag and Drop Feature to Upload Image on BloggerTo insert an image on blogger you have to go through Insert Image button which exists on format menu of blogger.

There are lots of ways to insert an image on blogger, you can directly choose from your location, you can even use your webcam to capture images and insert them.

You can use any URL (uniform resource locator) to insert your image, or even you can use your phone.

These above all ways are great and such a useful ways to insert an image on blogger.

Now recently Google introduced another image inserting feature which is drag and drop the image from your location.

This is one of the best and easy way to insert an image on blogger. By drag and drop, it will make you easy to upload and place your image where you want, for that you just have to put your cursor where you want to upload your image. Drag and drop feature will be easiest and fastest way to upload images.

To upload your image on your articles on blogger follow these steps, 

First of all choose an image from some specific location of your computer, >> Now create a new post and write text and put your cursor where you want to place your image on that article >> Now finally you can drag your image from location to that cursor placed location. That's it.

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