Sunday, December 6, 2015

In our previous tutorials, we have already written about the deletion of the blog. It's very simple to delete a blog that's not going to write this article.

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Import and Export blog means you are making a copy of your blog, comments and all the blog data. If you export your blog that means you are making a backup of your all the blog posts, comments and every data that exist in your blog.

Export can be done for future use of those posts, comments and other information. The extension of the exported file will be .xml

Import will help you to open those exported comments, posts and other information. If you are doing export than one day you must have to import to re-use that exported file.

In blogger, it's very simple to do import and export blogger file. For that, you must follow steps,

Go to Dashboard >> Setting >>> Other >>>> Blog Tools > Import Blog >> Export Blog

Import Blog and Export Blog in Blogger

For Export Blog

In this section, you will download blogger atom format of the xml file. You can move your blog by exporting and importing. After clicking on Export blog you just need to click on Download Blog .
Import Blog and Export Blog in Blogger

For Import Blog

In import section, you just need to select exported blog file and verify you are not a robot it is newly introduced a feature on blogger and then click on import blog button. It will take the time to upload wait for few minutes. 

Import Blog and Export Blog in Blogger

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