Thursday, December 3, 2015

I know there are lots of blogger those who are frustrated with their default commenting system. But I have also seen that worlds top blogger are still using blogger default comment system.

Worlds most popular bloggers still using default commenting system on their blog, here is the list...

  1. MyBloggerTricks.Com
  2. MyBloggerLab.Com
  3. Blogtipsntricks.Com
  4. Helplogger

Why to use blogger default commenting system? 

Blogger provides such an great commenting platform on blogger. Its very simple and different than other commenting system. 

Blogger default commenting system  loads very faster than other commenting system. It has unique look and this will also help to control spam comments. Other commenting system may also have spam detector but it has it's own. 

There are lots of platform to comment through blogger default commenting system. You can use your own gmail account and some more accounts to make comments. 

Why to hide default commenting system? 

Hiding depends on you, if you want to keep your commenting system displayed on your posts than you can make it visible for all the posts. 

If you don't want to show that commenting system on your whole website than you can hide your default commenting system. 

To hide your default commenting system you can follow below steps, 

Blogger >> Dashboard >> Settings >> Posts and Comments >> Inside that comment section you can again see Comments section. 

How to Hide Default Comment System on Blogger

I have already installed, it's embedded means that will be stick together with your blogger post. This is the one of the easiest way to show comments. 

From there you have to choose the Hide option that's it.    

Thanks and happy blogging... 

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