Monday, November 2, 2015

It's just awesome Cortana can translate words, phrases and sentences in different language. Microsoft translator team announced that few weeks before.

You know Cortana is the one of the best feature of Windows 10 and now it can help you to translate words, phrases and sentences that is just awesome for those who want to learn different language and those who are interested to learn new language and those who feel difficult to learn now Cortana can help you to improve your language.

According to Microsoft Translator team there you can translate your words phrases and sentences in 40 languages...

  1. Bulgarian, 
  2. Catalan
  3. Chinese (Simplified)
  4. Czech
  5. Danish
  6. Dutch
  7. English
  8. Estonian
  9. Farsi
  10. Finnish
  11. French
  12. German
  13. Greek
  14. Hebrew
  15. Hindi
  16. Hungarian
  17. Indonesian
  18. Italian
  19. Japanese
  20. Klingon (pIqaD)
  21. Korean
  22. Latvian
  23. Malay
  24. Maltese
  25. Polish
  26. Portuguese
  27. Romanian
  28. Russian
  29. Slovak
  30. Slovenian
  31. Spanish
  32. Swedish
  33. Thai
  34. Turkish
  35. Ukrainian
  36. Urdu
  37. Vietnamese
  38. Welsh
Sometimes if Cortana misunderstands the word or phrase than you will not get the translation. 

Some examples of Cortana translations....

hello in hindi

what is your name in hindi

what is your name in french

who are you in chinese

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