Friday, November 13, 2015

In our last post we have learnt about to find the capital of countries using cortana. Before that we have learnt such an amazing things and features of cortana those are listed here...

Its better to check for your personal use...
  1. Find the current location using Cortana on Windows 10.
  2. Translate words, phrases and sentence using Cortana on Windows 10.
  3. Change the setting of Cortana on Windows 10.
  4. Configure Cortana on Windows 10.
Its another good feature of cortana that you can find the meaning of complicated word on windows. It's just awesome because you don't have to install any kind of dictionary software. 

Now you can say cortana will be your dictionary, it's better to use cortana rather than installing any third party software on your computer, and it's not just very tough to find the meaning on cortana it's very simple you have to ask what is the meaning of ....? and cortana will respond you the meaning of what ever you have asked.
Ask to cortana :: What is the meaning of hard? - That's it...  
So lets take an example...

Use Your Cortana as Dictionary to Find the Meanings

Use Your Cortana as Dictionary to Find the Meanings

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