Monday, November 2, 2015

AutoPlay simply known as a AutoRun it is the feature that automatically runs a program or opens a file when a media is inserted on a computer. If you don't know most of the automation tasks are defined in a file named autorun.inf.

AutoPlay is a available feature on windows, but you must have to take care of viruses and malware at this time. When you opens directly by automation program that may install viruses and malware on your computer. 

Most of the people disable this feature because they think their computer may get affected by virus or malware. So they tend to disable it completely. 

How to Handle Autoplay System in Windows

When you insert media on your computer like pen drive or removable disk etc... or DVD, CD windows will ask you what you want to see after this... 

For better you can specify some kind of tasks that windows automatically does for particular media and removable disk... i.e windows will automatically take to you at base folder means open the folder. If you insert movie DVD you can choose autoplay setting to play automatically when it is inserted. 

Steps to follow..., 

If you are Windows 10 user than you can just hit on cortana search "Autoplay" keyword. You will get appropriate application and hit enter. 

For other version of Windows you can just press Windows Key+R and type "Control" and hit enter. And now look for Autoplay. 

After that you will get window on your screen there you can select any particular action for any media or device...

How to Handle Autoplay System on Windows
As you can see above figure there i am selecting open folder to view files (file explorer) action when removable drive or pen drive is inserted on my computer that will directly take to me that explorer view. 

As per your need you can change your setting for your particular device. It is one of the easiest way to navigate your devices and medias faster on windows. 

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