Monday, November 16, 2015

It's good feature of Google+ social networking site, where you can embed your Google+ public posts on blogs and websites to share with the real visitors and readers.

Whatever you have posted on Google i.e image, video or link you can embed them on your site very easily.

Google has specified the embed privacy and policies, those you can reader for your personal and other uses.

Embed Google+ Post

To embed Google+ posts on blogs and websites first of all you have to find public post...

Go to your Google+ profile and from there you have to go for posts section where you will get public post that you have posted on your profile. 

Now you have to click on drop down menu on your post and there you will find embed post option. Click on that button and you will get post code and paste that on your blog and website that's it.
Embed Google+ Post on Blogger

Embed Google+ Post on Blogger

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