Friday, November 13, 2015

I hope you all know the meaning of static,
lacking in movement, action, or change
The meaning of static is lack of movement in terms of blogger blog the static will page will remain same ever there will be no change if you come again and again on that page.

Blogger static page will help you to put some especial information about the blogger or website. On blogger it's easy to create static pages like "About Me" , "Contact Us", "Privacy and Policy" etc... pages. These pages are also known as stand alone pages which are linked from your blog.

Create Static Pages Easily

Bit more about static pages, On blogger static pages doesn't have any sort of level to categorize them.
And these page also not indexed as archive pages.
    To create static page on blogger,

    Step 1 : Log in your blogger dashboard. 

    Step 2 : After login you just have to hit on pages tab take a look below, 

    Create Static Page Easily on Bloggers Blog

    Step 3: After clicking on New Page, you just have to write the title of the page first, then after only you have to go to write main body of the page. 

    Create Static Page Easily on Bloggers Blog

    Step 4: Now finally you can save your static page and hit on publish button. 

    Step 5: Now you have to manage your page layout by going to layout tab on blogger.

    Create Static Page Easily on Bloggers Blog

    Step 6 : After hitting on that add button you have to configure your page or link list on your blogger. You can configure your page list as per your need. 

    Create Static Page Easily on Bloggers Blog

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