Sunday, November 1, 2015

This is very simple tips for Ubuntu users. I think most of the you are already familiar with this simple trick. Which will help you to increase and decrease the size of the launcher on any version of Ubuntu?

As the default, you will get the normal size of launcher icon size. For better and attractive use if you want to make launcher icons size the little bit larger than you can use these steps.

Launcher means where you can get different options to control your computer. In Ubuntu, you don't get start menu like on Windows. It's complete different operating system.

Ubuntu includes a launcher on the left of your screen. If it appears that the size of the icons on the launcher is either too small or too big, you can adjust it to the size you like.

Steps to follow to adjust,
  1. Go to "System Settings". 
  2. Hit for Appearance" under "Personal".
  3. Under "Lock" you will get launcher icon size : you can either increase and decrease the size of your launcher icons. 

How to Adjust Launcher Icon Size on Ubuntu 15.04How to Adjust Launcher Icon Size on Ubuntu 15.04

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