Saturday, October 3, 2015

Blogger is very easy and powerful. Those who don't have great knowledge of programming and other platform of blogging they can make best use of blogger blog.

You now recently blogger introduced SSL security for users. Those who have blogger sub domain they can only get this facility. Here you can see how to enable HTTPS feature on blogger blogs. This is one of the best feature introduced by blogger.

But unfortunately it is not available for  custom domain users.

In this post we are talking about how to mention peoples on your blogger post.

When to mention peoples on posts, if someone suggested you a topic to write. If someone asked you a question.

Now you can give them trackback by mentioning them on posts directly through Google+. This is one of the best and awesome feature on blogger.

This will help to increase blog traffic.

I think you have question on mind, how it will help to increase traffic by mentioning peoples on posts.

When peoples got mentioned on any post they like to share that post with their friends. They will share your posts on social medias with their lots of valuable friends.

By mentioning peoples you can get huge share from different peoples. When you tag someone  a posts, friends of that particular can also access that posts.
Mention People in Your Blogger Posts

To mention people on posts you just have to use Google+ mentioning system while writing posts... 

You just have to type plus (+) sing with name of the person that you are going to mention on your posts. 

That's it...  

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