Saturday, October 3, 2015

The best way to attracting peoples is connecting with their circle. You have to take first step to connect people to your circle by adding Google+ follower widget.

Yeah it is the best method to get great readers and visitors to blogger or website, connecting with peoples can make long lasting relationship with readers and visitors. With that any body can ask you a question and you can help them for better relationship and loyalty.

By connecting you can increase your audience activities on your website. They can get information about you what you are doing on web and the best thing is they can get information about your website.

Nowadays Google+ is integrated with blogger. You can enable automatic shearing system on blogger and commenting system on blogger. Where these two things are the best thing to let your reader and circle members and visitors to know.

Through Google+ Follower widget you can directly connect with loyal readers. Your fans can follow you for long term relationship. You visitor can directly connect with you on social media called Google+.

Google+ follower widget also give little bit info about how many followers you currently have  and etc..

I would like to recommend you to use Google+ Follower widget on blogger or your personal or business website to grow more audience to your blog.

We know Google+ has lots of users and their are still lots of active users on Google+ because of lots of google products.

So it's better to use...

How to use Google+ follower widget on blogger

It's very simple to use follower widget on blogger, You just have to go to dashboard of blogger and now click on layout tab,

where you can find add gadget button, after clicking on add gadget button you have to scroll down and search for Google+ follower plugin, 

Increase Audience with Google+ Follower Widget

Now finally click on add sign and now finally you have to save the widget that's it. 

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