Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's impossible to use any hardware system without drivers. If we need to run computer then we need a driver that is called operating system. So it means drivers are most important things for hardware system or software system. Without then its impossible to run anything or do anything.

Windows comes with drivers for many devices like WiFi drivers, display driver, keyboard, network Ethernet driver and may more. These drivers are most essential drivers. Every device needs these drivers.

If these drivers are not working then you can install or update them by yourself. There are very easy steps to install or update these drivers.

Sometimes Windows updates them automatically. Windows has facilities to update them automatically. If your PC is connect with internet then this is possible, if not then it is not possible.
  • First thing is Windows will provide you the driver update information and automatically download essential drivers for Windows system.
Or you can install or update them by yourself. If you have devices drivers or it might be the software to run that device. 
i.e To run audio device you need audio driver. There are different devices and drivers are available for different audio device and they have different drivers also. I am using dell and it needs IDT audio drivers. 
To download or install by yourself follow these steps.
  • Search for device manager, Start >> Type Control (for Windows 10) or Windows+ R = Run = Type Control and hit enter.
  • Now you will get control panel on your screen. There you have to search for Device Manager. 
  • If you have connected any new device on your computer then you can just scan for that device driver if not then you just have to update that driver. 
Control Panel in Windows 10

Update Drivers in Windows 10

Search from Internet
If you already have device drivers software with you. Then you can select browse my computer for driver software and choose from the location that it. It will take time to integrate with that software and finally it will say software installed. 

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