Monday, September 14, 2015

This is very simple tips in Ubuntu. This works in every version of Ubuntu, I am currently using Ubuntu 15.04 version there are lots of newbies who want to do some tricks with Linux and every operating system after the installation so this is my first how-to guide for Ubuntu for all the newbies and everybody out there.

Before going into the post I want to share words related to Linux, there is a post related to Linux that you should read about. If you are windows user or any other then you must read this post this is all about why to use Linux. 10+ reasons to use Linux than other operating systems.

Now to change the behavior of the Linux launcher you just have to follow some steps which are listed below

There are lots of ways to get Appearance in Ubuntu, you can go through setting icon which is placed right after Battery and Clock sign.

Or You can click launcher where you can see the setting icon from there also you can get the appearance. Which method you want to go get it. The easy and simple is below here.

1. Right, click on your Ubuntu workspace or we simply call it as the desktop.
2. Now you just have to click on change desktop background.
3. You will get Appearance window on your screen.
4. Now switch to behavior tab and you will get options for behavior and you can change as per your need.

Ubuntu Behavior

5.You can auto-hide the launcher from desktop. It will appear when you touch on the corner. You can also change the sensitivity of launcher.

There are lots of setting enable workspaces where you will get 4 different workspace for Ubuntu means you can do multiple tasks.

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