Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jump or break will help you to break your content into parts in homepage only. If you are using default blog template of blogger or which doesn't have break function on those sites you will find complete post on their home page so adding a jump or break is must required. 

This will help to show content in smaller view rather then viewing whole post. It will just summarize and break the post where you inserted jump.   

This way can help you to grow your traffic because their your visitors have to click on read more button along with that you can show more posts on your home page. 

The great advantage is it will also help to reduce your bounce rate, because now user don't have to wait to load for whole content and user can view your content very fast and quickly. 

Follow steps to break and jump
It's very simple with blogger because blogger has it's option to break the content. 
jump and break

First of all you need to write is content on your post editor. After writing content decide where you want to put break before image or after image. There will be lots of conditions.... 

Now put your cursor where you want to break your content and just click on the insert jump break option. That's it 

Now you have to save your content and you need to click on view blog to see change their you will see , Read More link. 

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