Exclusive Interview with Adeel Sami, Blogger from Pakistan

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After long time I came here with interview and great talk with Mr. Adeel Sami blogger from Pakistan and founder of adeelsami.com.  He is dedicated blogger, who used to help fellow bloggers through blogging. 

When i visited his blog i found such an amazing line that i wanna share with you. 
I do blog. Live as a blogger and die as a blogger. - By Adeel Sami.
 Celebs Bio
Adeel Sami
Blogger Name : Adeel Sami
Adress : Chenab Nagar, Punjab
Country : Pakistan 
Blogging Experience : 5 months
Blogger at :  http://adeelsami.com
Quote : 
Give before ask - Adeel Sami

Section 1 : About Blogger

Introduce yourself and your blogging career. 
>>> My name is Adeel Sami and I live in a tiny village named Chenab Nagar in Punjab, Pakistan. Orginally from Karachi but I love the place where I live now.

I am married and a father of a naughy and beautiful son named "Affan". He's one and half year old. For hobbies, I don't have much now but I love to work. If you ask me to kill the bored time, I play games on my laptops. :)

And blogging is in the hobby stage for me for now but been working torwads making it my all-time career for life.

I was introduced with the word "blog" back in 2004 but didn't give it much importance until 2011 when I ordered for my first domain name. And alas! I didn't keep it going and never renewed that domain name.

In 2013, I came up with my own name and let 2013 and 2014 go without advancing much in to the blolgging field. Back in this March, I decided (still nto sure) to enter into this world.

Still long way to go but I feel on and off frequently due to my own nature and things that have me surrounded.

How would you like to describe blogging and Internet marketing?
There are two options for you Blogger and WordPress which one you prefer? Why?

>>> Blogging and Internet Marketing
Blogging is helping without a fee.

Internet marketing is to earn a fee while you help.

If you mix both of them, it ultimately is the best thing you can present to the people in need.

Not everything we should earn from and not everything we should spread for free. While you're helping as much as possible through your own expertise. Do not charge for it.

Your content be the solution and where needed to insert the opportunites to earn, do it.

I am not into the phae of internet marking as of yet but plan to be soon. 

>>> Blogger and WordPress
For me, I opt for WordPress becaue it is simple, easy and awesome to use. :) Not just these but it comes with thousands of free themes, plugins and turn-arounds to make it look more professioanl than common platforms.

How do you mange time to run your blog efficiently?
>>> And that is I am really bad at; time management.

I have a full-time job so it sometime becomes hard to get any time to invest on my blog. Hence I try to keep my weekends devote for the blog but fail most of the time due to family and other things.

For this, when I am in full focus, I utilize morning time to write. This is the time when I am super productive.

What is your motive of blogging?
>>> To help fellow bloggers with their blogging journey.

What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
>>> Its time management and hitting writer blocks often. I still get hit with this challenege and it is so struggling to get out of this situation and mindset.

Assume that you have two choices blogging and job, which one you will choose, and Why?
>>> I love what I do. :)

But for precise answer to this question, I'd choose blogging. Blogging is all about reaching out to million of people by sitting in the dark room (or if you have a bulb installed :) ...) from your beautiful house.

And you become your own boss.

Why do so many bloggers fails and few of them only get success in this field?
>>> Thinking about blogging is the easy game and you can earn from day one.

While it is not. It is the most difficult job for those who take it as a job, who think its core result is to earn thousand of dollars if not million.

It does let you earn but it takes time. Blogging should be treated as a business. In business, you have to define the strategies, plans, results, and moreover you have to keep going no matter you are earning or not.

You have to invest your money and time in your business to remain functional and keep that cycle running.

I think that's the very reason most bloggers fail as they don't take it super serious. You know that not everyone can do the things that few people are doing. Hence it applies on the blogging industry as well. Give, give and keep giving.

Section 2 : Blogging and Goals

Bit more about your site mission and site slogan? .
>>> My blog is my mission. Help fellow bloggers as much as possible.

Which kind of blogging do you prefer, Single Niche or Multi Niche? And Why?
>>> I prefer single niche. Why? Because if you want to become an authority in blogging, you choose and must follow only one topic.

>>> Multi niche is preferable to earn if that's your core idea.

Are you a money blogger? How much you earn from blogging, is that sufficient for you?
>>> Nope, not yet. I have not earned anything out of it yet. :)

How would you like to inspire students for blogging and money making?
>>> I'd want to spread the word about blogging as it conencts you with great minds from around the world.

For money making as I have not earned anything yet, its hard for me to convinve anyone which ways you can earn money through. :)

What do you mean by quality in content? Is there any ways to maintain better quality content?
>>> Let me go in details with it:

You know that almost everything has been discussed in the world. Any ideas, any thoughts are already been discussed.

Now if we keep discussing about the same discussion over any topic that a prominent person already discussed, that means we are copying his/her idea and not ours.

Since everybody has different point of views to one topic, this is the thing that you have to follow to write about that topic in your blog post. Put in your own thoughts about that topic.

To maintain the quality in content, you must write about your own thoughts about the topics you write on. Be it your own words.

Do you have any plans to lift your blogging career high or you want to be static?
>>> I have plans for video marketing and podcasting in near future to be on the other side of blogging.

Can you give some tips, How to convince parents to take blogging as career?
>>> Well, money is always thought of by most parents. Since I have not earned, it surely will be difficult for me to convince any parent. But I know that the money could be earned through blogging as well. So, when I do I will definitely be confident enought in order to convince anyone. :)

Being a blogger how would you like to change the world?
Through my content.

And to let the people know that there are no boundries set. Despite of where you live, you have power to make your words heard by million of people.

Remain peaceful and spread peace through your content.

Your personal views about Aha!NOW ABC community. How ABC helped you in blogging?
>>> AHA!! :)

One word for Aha!NOW ABC Community: AWESOME!

I am super happy that I joined this great blogging community. I am befriended by many fellow bloggers who are helping me to grow my blog. :)

Section 3 : Message for Fans and Readers

Any special message for your fans, readers and whole world? (Write As per your need), Include your contact links for readers and visitors

>>> Love for all, hatred for none.

Spread peace no matter how our political governments are dealing with other countries. After all, we are all human and love peace.

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