Sunday, August 16, 2015

Caret BrowsingWindows 10 has great features, means you are getting lots of new things to learn and new ways to do some work. In this we are talking about Caret browsing, also known as caret navigation, where you can navigate the text on scree through text selection cursor. 

Microsoft added new browser on Windows 10 which is named as Microsoft EDGE, it is one of the fastest web browsers ever produced in the history. There are lots of other features also on EDGE, you can also write on the web using Microsoft EDGE.

Without Caret browsing it is not easy to select text and copy text or whatever you want to do on web. 

With Caret browsing or caret navigation selecting text on web is very easy to navigate within a document. 

How to Enable Caret Browsing in EDGE?

On Microsoft EDGE to enable caret browsing you have to follow some steps. 
  • Open EDGE and Go for setting (...) and Now scroll down the page and click on View Advance Setting button to get next window. 
  • Then you will see Always user care browsing, if that is off, turn on that. That's it. 
You can use Shortcut Key to Enable Caret Browsing, Simply you can press F7.

Caret Browsing in EDGE

Caret Browsing in EDGE

Caret Browsing in EDGE

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