Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Categorizing apps will help you to navigate applications easily in Windows 10 start menu. This gives answers of what kind of app is that. Why to keep that app on start menu. So this is very helpful to know about applications.

i.e If you have installed Game on your computer, and you combined that game app with other Windows utility application that will be not suitable so that for games you have to create new group or category.

Steps to follow, 
  1. Click on start menu or directly you can press Windows button from Keyboard.  
  2. Now you have to point above the application, immediately you will see "Name Group", now click on Name Group and  instead of that type your own text to categorize. 
Categorize Apps in Start Menu

In this above figure i have indicated categorized applications as A and B, that is the example of categorizing of apps or Name group in Windows 10.

At below 1: when you point above the application you can see that. Just click on that and replace that text with your own. that's it. 

Categorize Apps in Start Menu

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