Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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content generationEvery blogger seeks for new, fresh and ever green content for their blog. This is one of most important thing that every blogger should concern because if you don't feed good and new things then that's it...

You should Just stop blogging, go to your bed and keep calm and sleep... :) :P 

And when you got some ideas on your mind then come back again and start feeding your reader and visitors 

If still not getting how to generate and get ideas about ever green content writing... just scroll below and start writing on your blog...  

So here are some ways to get idea about new, fresh and ever green content... 

1. Latest and Trends

If you are tech blogger then you can choose latest technology news, you can do research and or you can directly create link with tech companies. Through you can get news sources.
  1. Microsoft Working for new updates on Windows 10
  2. What would you like suggest name for Android M?

2. Top Lists Posts

Whatever you are blogging it's okay but don't forget to share list posts on your blog to entertain your loyal returning reader and visitors, because new readers and loyal visitors always seeks for new and valuable content.
  1. Top 10 Latest Android SmartPhones
  2. Top 10 Best Gadgets You Would Like to User in Your Life.

3. Guest Post or Invite Guest Bloggers

You can invite guest bloggers on your site. Tell them to write for you. Guest blogging is the one of the most popular way to generate new fresh and ever green content for blogger.
  1. Infocus M530 vs Lenovo K3 Note.
  2. 10 Reasons Android Phones are Better then IPhones.

4. Do Research and Respond FAQs

This is the one great way to get more returning visitors and high traffic. If you make relation with you readers and visitors that will be beneficial for every blogger. To write new fresh content, force your visitors to ask questions or let them ask. 

5. Visit Communities

Communities mean those networking sites which are formed to help every people around the world by asking questions and replying them. Lots of people join communities to get solutions of their problems. Where any one can share questions and anyone can give answer. Communities Stack-overflow is one of the most popular community around the whole world.  Here i am going to mention some blogger communities, these can help you allot in your blogging career.

6. Write Series or Episodic Posts...

7. Ask Your Readers...

Don't hesitate to ask your readers and don't hesitate to ask for help. No one gonna kill you. Ask them and reply them honestly. This is the another best way to generate ever green content for your website.

8. Write Tutorials on Some Specific Topics...

  1. Tutorial on C Programming.
  2. Tutorial on C++ (Object Oriented Programming).
  3. Tutorial for HTML and HTML5.

9. Tell Your Story to Your Readers and Try Info graphics...

This is the best and interactive way to to generate new and fresh content for your readers. Because these are new techniques, visitors wants to read stories  and if reader get info graphics that will help them to understand batter.

10. Read Every Single Comment on Your Blog...

Comments are the great source of getting ideas about what to write and what visitors want to read on blog or website. Because in comments your visitors share about their personal experience and their confusions so that you can help them if they got confused at any point. 

11. Do Random Search in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc... 

12. Do Others Product Review...

13.  Comparison, Difference and MD Series...

Compare two product personally, compare them personally and give honest information to your reader. 

Difference also the part of comparison, if you compare with their good features and bad features and merits and demerits (MD). That can help your reader to come back again to your site. 

14. Write How to posts... 

How to posts are most popular because, technology changes every day... and rules and methods also changes every day... there are lots of ways to do same thing in this world and in this world of technology. So this is also a best idea to generate green content.

15. Write a Case Study and Publish Reports

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