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This is blogger tutorials category of AnsMachine.Net, here we post about blogging basic tips and tricks for newbies and all other bloggers.

Today i am here with basic tips and information,

This post will help newbie bloggers and all others. Today i am going to share with you about images. Images are most important things which we must have to add on our posts. Because a single image can give lots of information in interactive form so every blogger should have to work on this thing.
There in blogger blog it is very simple to add image. There you will find one simple button and you just have to click there and choose the location and add image. That's it, so simple. 

What are the Benefits of Adding Image on Post?

  1. Image will help to indicate what is post about? 
  2. Your reader can get so much information through image at a time rather than bunch of text. 
  3. It will make your content very specific and special.
  4. If you have image on your posts then your visitors can get attracted. 
  5. If you do not image your reader will just read the heading and leave the post that make increase in bounce rate.  And there are lots of other you can define by yourself. 

Is there any criteria to add image? 

I think this you don't understand, i want to say "image should be related with the post" and it must have low size because if you have higher or larger size of image then i can cause your website to load slow. 

In wordpress there are lots of image optimization plugins but here you have to optimize your image by decreasing size and resolution of your image. So add some specific size or fixed size of image on your blog. 

Other benefits of adding images? 

indexed images on search engineIf you optimized your images then your images can get indexed on Google Images and Bing etc... search engines. 

Images can help you to drive more organic traffic. 

Readers can find you through images, you can make brand images like logo etc...

i.e This is the example when i enter keyword on google image search some images of ansmachine.net i got these are really helpful for me to drive more traffic to my blog if i have optimized my blog images

How to check how is there any image is indexed or not in Google

There is a very simple way to know how many images are indexed on Google search engine from your blog. 

You just need to go for Google Images and now type there site:ansmachine.net or site:yoursiteurl.com  and press enter button the you will get result on your screen if any images are indexed. 

indexed images on search engine

How to add image on blogger blog? 

This is very simple to add images on blogger blog. wordpress has two categories like one for featured post and one for main posts. But here you don't have that you just have to upload image for post
  • Go to Insert Image button next to Link button. 
Insert image on blogger
  • Now you will get window on your screen where you can get different options like upload and etc. 
  • There you have to choose the method to upload image on your site. You can directly upload image from your computer, if you have previously uploaded then you can choose from your blog, If you have web albums then you can get from their and from your web cam also it will help you and finally you can directly add image URL to insert. 
upload image on blogger blog

Now turn came to optimize your blogger image

Here you it is SEO optimization there are two different ways by adding alt text on every blogger image which will help web crawler to find your image is unique or not. 

Then after only your image can get indexed on any search engine. 
  •  Select your image and you will get lots of options below the image on blogger, there you have to click on properties. 
  • After clicking on properties you will get dialog box on your screen where you have to enter title text and alt text for image, Title text can help you to give information about image, for what that image is related and alt text will help while reader internet connection is slow it will give image name rather than displaying image.
add alt tag and title tag

Working with size of image and caption of image

image size and image captionThese things also most important while adding image if you upload large size image on your post that will be bad for your loading speed so always upload smaller size of image and low resolution. 

You can choose image size as per your need on your blog. 

Caption is used to give name of image or if you have copied any image from web you give source link at caption section. 

But you must have to add caption on your images for better blogging.

What will happen if you not organize your image size. 
error in image size

[1] - You can see the example of image caption but 
[2] - If you notice there image is very large image goes outside of the post so always maintain size of image on blogger

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