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For BCTalk (Blogger Celebs Talk) series our first Celeb is young and talented blogger Rohan Chaubey.

Celebs Bio
Name : Rohan Chaubey
Address : Mumbai
Country : India
Blogging Experience : 10 Months
Blogger at :
Publications, E-books : Make People Want You [Coming Soon].


“If being nice is being fake, I would prefer being fake.” – Rohan Chaubey
“Revenge will lead you to nowhere but forgiveness leads you closer to God” – Rohan Chaubey
Blogger Rohan Chaubey
Let's get started with first question,

Section 1: About Blogger

Introduce yourself and your blog.

My blog – “Be Rohanlicious” aims to teach you and help you with social media, blogging and programming.
You can check out my about page to know more about me.

What is blogging according to you?

For me blogging is all about helping others and at the same time developing one’s own skills.

How do you entertain yourself if you feel bored while blogging? Or Blogging entertains you?

I’m never bored. There is so much to do when it comes to blogging. I truly enjoy everything I do.

Is there anyone special in your life?

There are many. My family, friends, readers and everyone connected to me are special for me. Also anyone who is giving their best to the world are special.

Section 2: Goal and bit more about blogging

Tell us about your site mission. What reader will find new in your e-book? 

The blog has varied missions. I put in all my efforts to serve my readers and help them with whatever I know.

At “Be Rohanlicious” I believe each one of us is a winner and deserves to win, always.

To further promote this, I am coming up with an e-book “Make People Want You”.

Every author is amazing in his own way and for his readers.

My book will stand out because it is all about helping you stand out. It is for all the enthusiastic souls like me and you who want to make a standing online and Grab People’s Attention, Senses and Emotions.

What are your upcoming plans to lift your blogging career high? You want to die being a blogger or you want to do something different to change the world?

Lol… I won’t die being a blogger. I’m a multi-passionate person.

I love wearing different hats. Apart from being a blogger, I’ve been a presentation designer too.

And I’m soon going to be an author of an e-book – “Make People Want You”. Everyone’s message is important and each one of us deserves to be heard.

Extensive portion of the revenue that will be generated by the e-book sales will be donated to a charity. The partnership is still not finalized but we’re working on it.

What do you prefer Blogger or WordPress?

I prefer Blogger because one of my mentors Mr. Mustafa Ahmedzai believes “With BloggerSky Is The Limit. I certainly agree to him.

He is a great guy who has revolutionized Blogger platform in so many ways.

How much you earn from blogging?

I’ve answered this question so many times at various places… I’m not a money blogger. I’ve not earned anything yet except friends and support.

What is quality content? Is there any criteria to meet the quality of content?

Different writers will have different definitions for quality. For me quality content is the one which is helpful, informative, educating and entertaining for your blog audience.

If your posts are any of these, then you deliver quality content.

Do you guest blog? If yes, why guest blogging is important? 

I agree to guest blog on selective blogs only. I prefer being a guest author at sites which have a responsive community no matter how small or big.

I’m proud of the fact that wherever I have guest blogged I’ve broken records and delivered my best.

I think guest blogging helps in creating good relationships with fellow bloggers, gives you a chance to talk to a new audience and directly or indirectly increases your blog traffic.

Why social media and relationships with fellow bloggers are important?

I believe social media and good connections with fellow bloggers are more reliable than search engines.

Search engine algorithms may change over time but your relationships are always going to stay if you nurture it.

In fact, my major blog traffic comes from social media and I’m proud of it because that is what my niche is. My niche is not SEO and never will be. :)

How many hours you spend on blogging each day or every week?

I don’t track it. I keep logging in and logging out all day.

My final question: What are the key points to get success in blogging?

Everyone’s definition of success in blogging may differ. For me it is inspiring people to stand out and make a difference using blogging and social media.

I am no one to highlight key points that assure success in blogging. But I can surely list 3 principles which can guarantee big wins in blogging –
  1. Reciprocation.
  2. Hug your haters and kill them with kindness.
  3. Never jump on the bandwagon. Be different and stand up for what you believe in.

Section 3: Message for Your Fans and Readers

I have no fans; I only have friends and readers. All I want to say is – Chase your dreams. Work smart. Your voice deserves to be heard.

We all have something special to add to this beautiful world. The things which are easy for you might be impossible for someone. Find those people and help them.

My upcoming e-book “Make People Want You” can help you win hearts of your readers, clients, influencers, friends and even haters.

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