Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hi, guys 
Today i am going to share 3 best and email subscription box widget for blogger or website users with best social bookmarking buttons. 

Those who have blogger blog or website and those who want email subscription box with social bookmarking buttons this post is going to help them. 
If you are professional then you know what is the important of subscription box. If you are new in this journey then you must have to add this widget on your blog to grow your loyal reader to help them get latest news from your site directly on their inbox. 

The subscription box is very important for blogger blogs and any website, it helps visitor to get latest post on their inbox, it is the best way to get information about the blog, what content they are posting. The subscription box help blogger to get more visitor and loyal readers.

How to Add it to Your Blog

To add this you don't have to do hard work it's very simple, copy below HTML/CSS code just follow these 
  • Sign in your Blogger Account.
  • You have to go to the Layout section on your blogger dashboard.
  • Click on Add Gadgets.
  • Click on HTML/JavaScript.
  • It will show you the blank space (work area) where you have to paste the third party widget code or below HTML/CSS code
  • Save it. 
  • Click on view blog, You are done to add third party widget to your blogger. 

1. Subscription Box With Rounded Social Follow Buttons

This is really great and charming widget with rounded social bookmarking buttons, this will also help you to increase your social networking site followers.
Rounded Social Follow


2. Subscription Box With Flat Social Follow Buttons 

This subscription box comes with 8 flat social networking follow button this will definitely help you to increase your subscribers and follower and fans. 
Flat Social Follow



3. Subscription Box With Flat Rounded Follow Buttons 

This is subscription box comes with 8 flat rounded social networking follow button this will definitely help you to increase your subscribers and follower and fans.
Flat Rounded Follow


Things to change,

  1. Find the subscription id "ansmachine" and replace with your subscription id.
  2. On follow button you have to put your appropriate link  find for this <a href="#" ...>....</a> and replace that hash (#) with your appropriate URL. That's it. 
Thanks and if you like this post share with your friends and give them opportunity to taste this. 

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