Monday, June 1, 2015

Windows registry contains greats database and lots of configuration of different software, hardware programs and applications. If any of registry file is missing then you will not able to run that hardware and software. So it is better to fix registry errors in windows. For that you can troubleshoot your application software or you can re-connect your hardware device or troubleshoot hardware device to fix this problem. 

There are various symptoms of registry errors,
  1. Non- functioning programs
  2. Error screen will pop-up 
  3. Blue screen of death or dump error because of different file loaded in RAM
  4. Poor performance
  5. Improper Shutdowns
Sometime this may cause start-up problems. If you any of windows file is missing then windows will hardly run. So you need to be careful while installing and installing hardware and software program.

Best ways to fix registry errors,

Install complete package

This means you need to install complete package of any software and application. You don't have to stop at mid installation process. If you stop at mid of installation process computer will not accept whole package to run. 

Uninstall complete package & Re-install

If computer is not accepting to run whole package, then uninstall complete package with registry files that may help to solve your problem. Then again you need to install that package completely. If you have any utility software to remove and uninstall software and programs you can use that one. You don't have then use Add/Remove.

Use CCleaner to fix this error

To solve this problem you can use CCleaner. It is utility software used to analyze and clean system. It means CCleaner will delete or remove unnecessary files from computer and help to run computer bit faster. 
  • Open CCleaner, Don't have download from, and install it. 
  • Now check at left site you will get Registry, click on that button and just check below figure,
    • go for Scan for Issues, to fix your registry errors, now check progressing is 100%, then after will get error files which you need to fix. 
    • 4, there i have only one error called (Obsolete software key). Am going to fix this by clicking fix selected the window will pop-up do you want to save or not you can do by not. Here going to save to fix this. Choose the location and click on save. 
Fix Registry Errors

Fix Registry Errors
  • Now you just need to click on Fix Issue. 
Fix Registry Errors

Fix Registry Errors

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