Sunday, June 21, 2015

4 Common Mistakes Beginner Bloggers MakeA new blogger always wanna do something different then other and most of new bloggers do these things to entertain readers.

Yeah they definitely entertain their readers through different kinds of surprising things or by adding different kinds of plugins i.e by playing auto loading music or by adding unnecessary apps or widgets to engage.

Guys i bet these things may work for short-term but not for long term, by doing these mistakes you can't achieve your goals.

So you need to avoid them.

1. Auto Loading Music

This one is the surprising thing for your visitors and readers. Because of this kind of tricks you will lose your loyal visitors and you are making your own site slow.

Reader doesn't want to wait for any kind of  surprising things they always want to read. This is the one of the worst idea to entertain your visitors.

Some may get entertained but not all, in long-term blogging system this trick doesn't work.

2. Bad and Unprofessional Design

This is the first thing you have to consider when you enter in the world of blogging. Without professional look you won't get any loyal and continues visitors.

I highly recommend you to do not use blogger default templates, they are awesome but not optimized.

If you wanna get more readers and visitors or if you wanna attract your readers and visitors you must have to make if mobile friendly by putting responsive design.

3. Copy & Paste 

This is the another thing you have to avoid. If you copy any text from web and published on your post that is very bad idea to get popularity. You can be tracked down by DMCA. So it's better to avoid copying and pasting.

By copying and pasting you are wasting your own time, because search engine will not index your post or website or blog. If you don't get indexed on search engine then you will not get more visitors and popularity and readers trust.

If you are copying and pasting then you should have to give them their own credit by putting these words i.e  Source:, Reference, Trackback and etc.

or You can use IEEE standard referencing system to make trustable site. 

4. Using "Click Here" Instead of Keyword

Are you putting click here on your links, if you are putting then this is very bad idea, so it's better to put keywords on your links or while mentioning other sites, you can put their own site name i.e
If you wanna learn about programming and tutorials then Click Here.
So you can see above my readers won't get information about URL what am providing with them. That site is valid or not they may get confused so better to use keyword on links like below,
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