Saturday, April 4, 2015

Temporary files are automatically generated or created by computer to store some important information of application software and files.

Temporary files are most helpful because Temp file can help to recover your information or lot data.
When you try to create new file. i.e if you are creating new Microsoft document on your computer then computer will generate temporary file to store some information of your Microsoft word file.

The extension of temporary files is .tmp & all the temp files are stored in Temp folder or Temp Folder. By opening these folders you can delete your temp files.

Steps to Clean Temp Files

Use Disk Clean Up

Disk clean up is the free tool available in windows which can help you to clean temporary files of your computer. It has lots of features it can help you to clean dump errors of your windows.
  • Go for system drive C:\\ and Right click and click on Properties. 
  • Click on Disk Cleanup, It will take few seconds to scan the all the dump errors of windows. 
  • Then after it will show you the list of unnecessary files stored locations select all and click on Ok. After clicking on Ok button you need to click on Delete Files button to delete all unnecessary files from windows.

Locate Temp or Temp Folder Directory

This is the next alternative method to delete all the unnecessary files from computer. In this method you have to locate Temp directory or Temp Folder directory these both directory stores the temporary files. 
  1. Simply press Windows Key + R = Run or Go to start and click on Run. Now type %temp% with mode sign and press Enter or click on Ok. After next moment it will show you the window on your screen with lots of temporary files. Select all the files and press Shift+Delete. 
  2. Locate Temp Folder is highly secured directory of windows it keeps the record of all the recently opened applications or information. It will also help you to recover your some files if you forgot to save. Here also press Windows Key + R = Run . Now type temp folder  and press Enter or Click on Ok. It will ask you for the permission and click on Continue. After that select all the files and Delete. 

Third Party Software

There are lots of the third party software and application or utility software to boost up your PC. From them one of the most popular application is CCleaner. You can download from Internet and install it to clean unnecessary files from your computer.

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