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Windows defender
Windows Defender is the malware protection software that replaces Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 8. Windows defender is one of the best malware protection software for windows. You will get updates from windows for windows defender.

Windows Defender was initially an anti-spyware program; it is included with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is available as a free download for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. In Windows 8, however, it is upgraded to an antivirus program.

It will provide the real time security and it can have the ability to remove the unnecessary file called viruses. This will keeps your data secure and computer secure. Windows defender is very easy to use.

Make Defender Live to Fight

Here are the steps to turn on windows defender real time protection on windows 8.1 or same for other all windows products, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista and windows xp etc. 

Go to run>>type>>control>>hit enter>>search for windows defender>>go to setting>>turn on real time protection. 
Defender to Fight

How to Update Windows Defender

Without updating your windows defender your computer is no longer secured it wont't delete any virus from computer, even it won't detect any viruses if you don't update your defender. So you need to update by going to the update section of defender or by updating all the updates of windows. 
Update Windows Defender

How to Scan Your Computer & Drives

After updating your windows software you can directly scan your computer to secure from viruses. There you will find three different way to scan your computer 1. Quick scan 2. Full 3. Custom . 
  1. In Quick it will scan your system files and remove viruses if detects.
  2. In Full scan it will scan your whole computer and remove viruses if detects
  3. In Custom scan you can choose your external drives and pen drives and other devices to scan or you can scan your particular drives. 
Scan Your Computer & Drives

How to Check the History

Go to history section of windows defender and your will get three options 1. Quarantined Items 2. Allowed Items 3. All Detected Items. 
  1. In quarantined all the not allowed files exits.
  2. In allowed all the allowed files exist.
  3. In detected all the detected marware exist. 
To see the detail just selection the option which you want to see and click on view detail. 

Check the History

Window Defender Setting

At first we have talked about the turning on windows defender, now we are moving to excluding the particular file from scanning.  
  1. Go for Excluded files and locations>>browse>>choose location>>save change>>that's it. 
  2. Go for Excluded files type>>enter the extension>>add>>that's it
    1. If you want to remove select extension>>click on remove.  
  3. You can exclude the process >> browse >>choose>>and ok>>that's it. 
    1. If you want to remove select and click remove.
for more you can go up to advance setting you can choose scan removable drives, create system restore point & save change. That's it. 
Windows Defender advance

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